Past Song of the Day Selections

I enjoy listening to music. A lot. My neighbors know me as the guy who takes long walks singing with his Bluetooth headphones on. (I detest earbuds.) Sometimes I'd be asked what I was listening to, which started me thinking about sharing a song choice each day: my Song of the Day (SOTD).

It's often tough having to select only a single song per day, but there's always tomorrow! I'll frequently stretch out a mini-thread of related songs for a few days. Occasionally my pick is related to something happening that particular day: a holiday, event, the weather, etc. Most of my selections are by rock musicians, but I do attempt to keep things interesting and vary the mood, style, and genre. Music is, and should be, very personal, so I don't expect anyone to like all of my picks. I do hope that you like many of them. Some are great songs that, perhaps, you haven't heard for awhile. If a pick is new to you, I hope it becomes a newfound treat.

You can binge listen to SOTD “repeats” playlists at:

An abridged SOTD repeats playlist is also available on Spotify at:

Thanks to the many YouTube uploaders that make SOTD sharing so easy. It's rare that one of my choices isn't already there. At one song a day, it will be a long time before I worry about repeats—so many choices! Sometimes YouTube videos are deleted after I've selected them due to a copyright takedown notice or a terminated account. I try to use the official video for a song, if one exists, and many labels are now issuing official YouTube recordings. Unfortunately, those often have country restrictions. Sorry if you are outside the United States and that affects you. For the few videos that are deleted without an available YouTube replacement, my apologies. Those deleted videos form holes in the SOTD history list and YouTube playlists that can only be filled when those copyright holders see the benefit of YouTube visibility.

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