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The Tiers

The Tiers was a four-person rock cover band operating out of Omaha, Nebraska from 1967–70.


Jamie Murray guitar & lead vocals
Jim Rhone bass guitar
Dan Corkillorgan
Dan Calvertdrummer #1
Burt McMahondrummer #2
Charlie Rehmeierdrummer #3
Ed Napravnikbass guitar
(sub for Jim)
Wes Rimaequipment manager
/ roadie / lighting
/ bouncer
The Tiers CD


All recorded concert and studio material of The Tiers was lost in a tape-duplication studio break-in in 1970. Ironically, we were having the reel-to-reel tapes transferred onto cassettes for safekeeping. However, a single cassette recording of a practice session from 1969 has surfaced (with Jamie, Dan, Charlie, and Ed Napravnik preparing to substitute for Jim during the fall sports season). Here are several “in the rough” tracks from that cassette:
  • Feelin' Alright (initial run-through with Ed learning our cover of the Three Dog Night version of this Dave Mason classic)
  • She Belongs to Me (First-time jam by the band of this song, again with Ed on bass. This cover of Ricky Nelson's cover of Dylan became a most-requested slow song. A great example of why we taped practices: the improvised organ part on the last verse sounded so good that it became a staple of our cover version.)
  • Birthday (Again with Ed on bass. I can't believe I can still sing that high!)
  • I'm Tired (We were! From Savoy Brown, working out arrangement...)
  • Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodby (The 70s were coming! Ed was trying to learn his vocal on the fly... We covered the Steam version (the ficticious band name used on the original hit single); the Bananarama cover was more than a decade away.)
  • Venus (Working on our cover of The Shocking Blue's hit.)

Jamie, Charlie, Dan, & Jim


Jamie, Charlie, Dan, & Jim Jamie, Charlie, Dan, & Jim
Jamie, Charlie, Dan, & Jim

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Last updated: June 6, 2017