My Want List

Here are my special wants. (Photos are from the Internet Pinball Database. Click on a backglass image for a playfield photo.) My son is still in college (way too many quarters headed that way), so new acquisitions are on hold. I'm also running out of space!

8 Ball

I played many, many a game of 8 Ball on location in a suburban pool hall in Omaha, Nebraska during 1966 and 1967. I still want to play more!

8 Ball was the first machine to use “split banks” to keep track of the solids (player 1) or stripes (player 2) on the two-player game. Once a player completed her 7 balls, the 8 ball (in the center horseshoe) would light for Special. A perfectly timed horseshoe shot could be duplicated using alternate flippers several times in series, with the most satisfying sequence of game-award knocks I've ever experienced!

Bally's later Eight Ball machine is the one that usually comes to mind to most people when they hear the name (and I enjoy that game as well), but I want the Williams game of 1966!! Apparently no one within driving distance ever has a reasonable one for sale...



Players: 2
Manufacturer: Williams Electronics Manufacturing Co.
Model: 317
Date: January 17, 1966
Manufacturing run: 3,250
Designer: Norm Clark
     There are two related single-player games that are also of interest: the add-a-ball Cue-T (November 1968) and the replay version, Miss-O (February 1969).


Strikes and Spares

This Bally solid-state offers a wide-open playfield, lots to aim for, and Kevin O'Connor's “striking” backglass artwork. What can I say, other than “Let's go bowling!



Players: 4
Manufacturer: Bally Manufacturing Corporation
Model: 1135-E
Date: August 1977
Manufacturing run: 12,820
Designer: Gary Gayton
Artist: Kevin O'Connor

The Addams Family

Just a fun pin. Who wouldn't want one? (Apparently, not many!)

Maybe I'll win the lottery and stop worrying about the price...


Players: 4
Manufacturer: Midway Mfg. Co.; a subsidiary of Williams Industries Inc.
Model: 20017
Date: March 1992
Manufacturing run: 20,270
Designers: Pat Lawler and Larry DeMar
Artist: John Youssi


Star Trek: The Next Generation

This one originally made the list for my daughter and son, who both love being insulted by Data! (They're both young adults now.)


Players: 4
Manufacturer: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.; a subsidiary of Williams Industries Inc.
Model: 50023
Date: November 1993
Manufacturing run: 11,728
Designers: Steve Richie
Artists: Greg Freres, Scott Slomiany, Eugene Geer


Another particularly fun game. Perhaps it reminds me all too much of my basement and garage...


Players: 4
Manufacturer: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.; a subsidiary of Williams Industries Inc.
Model: 50052
Date: December 1996
Manufacturing run: 3,013
Designers: Barry Oursler and Dwight Sullivan
Artists: Pat McMahon and Paul Barker

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Last updated: June 26, 2010